4 Easy Ways To Save Money On Site

Struggling to make spiralling project costs stack up? Grappling with soaring energy prices? Here at WF, we know that while you can’t control the rise in material costs, there are lots of ways you can save money on site without compromising on quality and safety. Below are four easy ways to help combat climbing costs …

  1. Prepare to be dazzled by LEDs 

LEDs really are a shining light in the battle against rocketing costs on site, but don’t just take our word for it. Energy experts reckon that using LEDs instead of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescent and traditional halogen bulbs can reduce your lighting-related energy consumption by a staggering 75%, saving thousands a year.

Not only do they cost less to run and last longer, LEDs also provide a higher quality and more natural light that minimises the effect of ‘sick building syndrome’ and creates a more comfortable working environment, which can help keep personnel costs down. 

Now we’ve enlightened you, why not flick the switch to LED lighting now? 

WF Winter Lighting Range

  1. Wrap up warm!

Now the days are colder, and damper, it’s a good time to wrap up warm on site. 

Ensuring your employees are kitted out in warm winter clothing will enable them to weather any unfavourable conditions for longer, reducing the risk of having to stop site works – which we all know can blow the budget. 

Our range of thermal gloves, fleece jackets, rainsuits, site socks and fur-lined boots will warm the cockles of the coldest heart, so get your order in now!

WF Onsite Winter PPE 

  1. Just heat

Whether it’s for employee comfort, preventing frozen water pipes or to maintain temperatures necessary for materials such as adhesives to set, temporary, portable heaters are always in demand at this time of year.

Why? Because if you’re just heating the space you’re working in – rather than a whole site – for the time you’re working in it, you won’t be wasting cash on energy you’re not using. Simples!

Onsite heating range.

  1. Be storage smart 

Using storage containers and organisers for materials, tools and equipment can really help conserve cash on site. 

They’ll save you having to buy or rent storage space for your stuff, but more importantly they’ll keep it out of the elements so it doesn’t get ruined and you won’t have to spend a King’s ransom on replacements.

Storage containers and organisers can also help keep all your bits and bobs in one place, so you can see what you have, and avoid splashing cash on things you don’t need.

And if you want to be really storage smart, invest in a lockable sitebox. Keeping all your gear under lock and key will ensure nothing goes walkies and you don’t get a dent in your wallet.

Organisers and security equipment. 

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