5 Ways We’re Getting Greener

Don’t get us wrong we’ll always remain blue, but terms such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental Impact and Carbon Footprint are becoming much more common and are indeed beginning to change and shape the future of construction and what has historically been a very traditional industry in significant ways. Always considering ourselves as leaders and innovators in our field as opposed to followers, below are 5 ways WF are working towards a greener future in fit-out and construction

1. We’re saying goodbye to paper and hello to electronic and online systems

For decades, our internal files and outbound communications were predominantly paper based. We had filing cabinets full of paper documents, and our printers were always busy. But now thanks to modern tech and the dedicated hard work of Team WF implementing it all, we’ve made our internal systems almost entirely paperless over the last 18 months and all without an interruption to our next day nationwide service. It goes without saying how much better for the environment not using thousands of sheets of paper a year is but our new systems also save time and improve security too.

2. We’re boosting our inventory of planet-friendly products

Take, for example, our sustainable bunker board floor protectant made from 100% recycled material.

Did you know about WF Supplies FSC-certification? Which means that where possible we are committed to delivering wood, paper and other forest products that are made with materials supporting responsible forestry and that have a clear chain of custody.

One of the most recent developments involves revisiting our trade paint range switching traditional oil-based paints with water-based paints that through significant advancements in the sector perform the same jobs if not better with a notably lower environmental impact (they also smell a lot better and are easier to clean off hands and brushes at the end of the day too)

3. We’re putting our vans to work

In a significant step to reduce our carbon footprint we now complete all London and ‘golden zone’ deliveries on our own fleet of vehicles and are working towards putting 100% of our deliveries out in our own fleet without having to outsource extra. Utilising intelligent routing software to load each vehicle for maximum output and minimal mileage and in-turn minimal environmental impact.

Learn more about WF GO here.

4. We recycle, more!

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tackle our environmental impact was to look at how we managed our waste. WF has always been aware and proactive about recycling waste output but with the help of our mammoth, newly installed 50 tonne cardboard press and 8 tonne plastic press we’ve really been able to ramp up our abilities and can proudly boast that almost all of our internal warehouse packaging is now recycled and upcycled not just sent to landfill.

5. We’ve installed EV Charging

Whether you’re a fan of them or not EV’s are looking like they’re here to stay and WF have installed not 1 but 3 electric car charging points at HQ to support staff, customers, and visitors alike. Electric vehicles don’t consume gas, of course, and can be powered instead by renewable energy, which reduces emissions.

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