Site lighting: Reduce costs and improve efficiency this Autumn

Correct and proper illumination on site is important all year round, even more so during the longer nights of the Autumn / Winter months.  Proper site lighting improves the visibility of hazards, reduces accidents and also allows your team to operate more efficiently on site.

It’s not just a nice thing for employers to do for their team’s though, under the health and safety act of 1974 it is a legal responsibility.

The amount of light required is based on the task being carried out, the lux value of the light and the size of the area the work is being carried out in. The HSE recommendations are shown in the table below

To convert your lights Lumen rating into a Lux value the following formula can be used

Lux = Lumen / m2  

e.g A 3000 lumen lamp in a 25 sq mtr space would be 3000 / 25 = 120 lux

(The above calculation will provide you with an approximate value though other variables such as the reflectiveness or light absorbency of any working surfaces must be considered)

Fortunately, whatever your lighting requirements WF Supplies have a comprehensive range of solutions in stock and available for next day delivery nationwide direct to your sites.

LED is today’s most popular lighting option using 75% less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting saving you time and money whilst retaining your eco-conscious credentials.

Festoon lighting: A string of linked lamps used to provide medium to low level lighting on large site areas and walk-ways. Usually hung using cable hanging hooks or strung along fencing, stairwells and scaffolding. Available in two styles traditional caged lamps and a more modern fully sealed lamp string. Linkable up to 8 units creating a 176-metre continuous string of 80 lamps.

Task light: Compact floor light. Lightweight and robust easy to manoeuvre. Ideal for illuminating small or awkward workspaces.

Contractor / Plasterers site light: Encapsulated floor light mounted to a heavy-duty fully adjustable steel frame. Energy efficient way to create flood lighting in small to medium size work areas.

Globe light: A compact extremely versatile option, can be suspended from ceilings, walls or tripod mounted. Linkable up to 25 units each delivering a 360-degree glare free beam angle.

Balloon light: Extremely bright single lamp, mounted on a height adjustable tripod, cost efficient method of lighting large areas with low glare. Can also be ceiling mounted with hooks.




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