3 Reasons Reisser Screws are Always on Point

We’re a big fan of a Reisser wood screw here at WF Supplies. The brand was launched in 1981 and has been a trusted favourite ever since – delivering what every tradie needs from their tools: consistent quality.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways Reisser wood screws are always on point: 

  1. Let’s get to the point

Sharper than Ronaldo on a hattrick, the Reisser’s 25-degree needle gives you an immediate start when screwing into timber.  The screws’ distinctive yellow, tropicalised coating gives them up to 20 times more rust resistance than standard zinc-plated wood screws, too.

 As WF’s Derry says: ‘Even though there are cheaper products in the range, our Reisser R2 double countersunk woodscrew in both silver & gold are still our top seller by a country mile. We think this tells its own story – the guys on site using these products know the cost and time that’s taken when a head snaps.’

  1. A reinforced collar 

The fortified collar on R2 screws prevents snapping and gives better depth to the pozi bit which reduces cam-out.

  1. Enhanced thread

These bad boys of the wood screw world now boast up to 40% less driving resistance thanks to their lubricated, sharp, deep thread. Less torque is required, meaning less power from cordless power tools is required. Win-win.

 We’re proud to be the biggest independent UK stockist of Reisser screws at WF, providing them at the best prices – including both gold and silver finish… 

Place an order before 4pm today and we’ll have them with you by tomorrow. We’ll throw in a free packet of biscuits on top too, of course!

Check out our Reisser range here.

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