Mad day? Text and Track has your back.

Mad day? Text and Track has your back.

Site manager managing multiple deliveries every day? Bit of a logistical minefield, right?

This is where WF’s Text and Track comes in. 

We won’t leave you hanging around waiting for your deliveries until who-knows-when o’clock. We’ll text when you’re the next drop-off on our list so you can be ready for us. 

Text and Track has your back – a simple service with big benefits, that allows you to:

  • Manage your time – no frustrating delays 
  • Organise the unloading with your team 
  • Assign team members to the job at the right time 


We know time is precious which is why we’ve re-tooled and ramped up our service.

We’re celebrating 50 years in the business this year but we have one boot planted firmly in the future, always innovating to make life easier for our brilliant customers.

Give Test and Track a go and get your supplies here.

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