8 ways to stay safer on site in winter…

Brrr. Who’s cold?

Winter weather has sunk its claws into the UK, with interestingly named storms, ice, snow and rain-a-plenty  – all of which means headaches and hazards for construction workers.

With the elements on our fair isle being about as predictable as a mid-table Premier League-manager’s fortunes, taking precautions on site to make sure your team stays safe is crucial.


What winter brings…


Cold stress

When our internal body temperatures drop, we become vulnerable to frostbite, hypothermia and worse.


Falls are one of the biggest work-place hazards all year round but in icy, wet weather, things can get even more precarious. Slippery floors and surfaces up the risk factor and strong measures need to be taken to stop ice from forming on scaffolding, ladders, stairs, work platforms, walkways.

Driving accidents

Driving accidents happen on construction sites too – and it’s vital to remember that winter driving rules for the road apply on site. Construction vehicles are often heavier, bulkier and less agile so time, patience and extra caution while manoeuvering is a must.

8 ways to stay safer on site in winter…

  1. Make sure to stay on top of the weather reports, so you can put the right safeguarding measures in place in good time. 
  2. Shield areas likely to be worst hit by the elements. 
  3. Ahead of every new shift, check your site – and check again – for any hazards caused by bad weather.
  4. Schedule outdoor work to be done in shorter time periods.
  5. Factor in more breaks and provide areas for your team to warm up with a cuppa.
  6. Check in with you team and make sure none of them spend too long in the cold.
  7. Provide your team with the best quality insulated work gear. 
  8. Educate your crew on how to stay safe and look out for each other when bad weather strikes.


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